Through the Mind's Eye

Young Adult Fiction

In the summer of 1948, within the shadow of the Great Pyramid of Egypt, Professor Bartholomew Miles unearths an ancient temple complex that has lain hidden beneath the desert sands for more than 5000 years.

When the Professor and his orphan assistant, Saba, enter a chamber dedicated to some unknown great and mighty god, they discover a strange metal artifact from the 21st century.

In the spring of 2019, thirteen-year-old Richie Radcliff dreads another day at Santa Martina Middle School. The girl of his dreams does not even know he exists, and the local bully is waiting yet again to serve him his daily dish of humility.

But this day is to be like no other. On this day, the legend surrounding Richie’s ancestral home will plunge him and his mischievous dog Kippy, deep into the river destiny. Unleashing a series of events that will lead the pair into an adventure in which the fate of the human race, perhaps even the fate of the entire universe, is hanging in the balance.

Reptilian beings from beyond the stars have devised a way to morph into human form and have come to earth plotting to slip back in time to enslave all of humanity. Richieee and Kippy are the only ones that can see them for who and what, they really are.

Richie must confront ancient gods, dangerous demons, and sinister aliens, to prevent their nefarious plans from succeeding. And time is running out.

Through the Minds’ Eye is a fast paced, non-stop adventure, spanning time, space and the ascent into manhood. And adventure that ultimately reveals earth’s vital role in the vast and wonderful universe.

A Note from the Author

When I turned forty, my four-year-old son asked me. “Dad, what do you want to do when you grow up?” I thought about this and candidly answered,

“I would like to be a writer.”

In a young child’s infinite wisdom he scrunched up his brow, gave deep thought, and replied. “Well, I guess if you want to be a writer, you need to write.”

And so I did. I teamed up with an old high school friend from Florida who I ran into at a health club in Los Angeles. My co-author Jedd Birkner. And we wrote, and we wrote, and finally… we produced something I think you will enjoy.

Through the Mind’s Eye is a young adult fiction story. It is about coming of age and saving the world. You know, the typical path to maturity.